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AUGUST 2-4, 2018

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  • Write Your Best Seller

  • Create Articles for Major Media

  • Be Attention Getting with Your Words

  • Inspire Action in Every Audience

  • Wordsmith Your Way to Wealth

  • Find Your Genius


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Designed to help speakers, authors and experts find their genius, write their best-seller, and wordsmith their way to wealth.


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Dear Creator

Your words have weight…or at least they can and should. There is real power in knowing what to say and how to say it. Speakers, authors and experts of industries need the right words every minute of every day. Amateurs wing it. High paid professional live on purpose by design with real intent.

The simple truth is that we end up answering the same questions and discussing the same topics all the as entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t you like to have really good answers, talking points, attention getters and content to share strategically from the heart?

Your words are being experienced every day through your...

Social Media Posts

Subject Lines and Emails

Elevator Speeches

Content Videos

Online and Offline Ads

Web pages and Websites

Blogs and Articles

eBooks and Books

Private and Public Presentations

Home Study Courses

How would you like proven templates, writing formulas and specific scripts used to get attention and inspire action in your online and offline conversations?

Experts make complex things simple.

What is your ability to teach, inspire and transform with ease and simplicity? Instead of brand confusion and reluctant conversations how about being on purpose with your words which brings conversation confidence?!

For over 20 years I have been professionally selling, writing and speaking. I’ve taken the things that I do automatically or almost automatically in head and put them on paper so you too can have similar success. This is what high paid professional experts do. Would you like help doing the same?

At this Word Genius Workshop Weekend you will learn the finer points of...

wording your beliefs

capturing your stories

constructing emotional triggers

developing feeling phrases

structuring word sets that anchor

framing ideas, concepts and philosophies

learning language patterns

presentation blueprints

writing best selling books

As a part of this Word Genius Workshop Weekend you also get the...

NOTE: Do you have an assistant, office manager or marketer working for you? Bring them!

Where The Word Genius came from?

For over a decade I have been consulting, advising and hosting strategy sessions where I find the write words for clients. Through years of these meetings I started seeing patterns in what worked, I started seeing formulas that improved the odds of success and I started finding common threads in what broke through for my clients. (they spend $4,000-6,000 for half a day of me creating with them and for them) This whiteboarding, brainstorming and heart storming process evolved into what I now call the Word Genius system and toolbox.

But instead of the $5,000 day with me you can now get 3 days with me where you walk away with skill sets, templates, formulas, dictionary, memes, diagrams, slides, feeling phrases and blue prints for $1,995.

Special Guest: Ryan Long

Special Guest Ryan Long joins us to represent City Summit (www.citysummit.co)

Ryan Long is an American entrepreneur and founder of City Gala and City Summit. Long is best known as a fundraiser for charitable organizations. Long’s events include celebrities and honorees The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Variety, Inc., Entrepreneur, ET, Billboard, Medium, Thrive Global, and Press Pass LA.

In 2012, Long had an idea to bring President Bill Clinton to Hollywood during the week of the Academy Awards. Long also developed the idea of providing a platform for Oscar winner James Cameron to support an upstart charity named Community Inspiring Today’s Youth(CITY), on the evening of the Academy Awards. Through the Philanthropy United campaign, Long was instrumental in an event that helped raise funds and awareness for multiple foundations at Unite4:humanity 2014 in Los Angeles, California.


Become A Word Genius.

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You'll never not know what to say again. You will know how to...

Name companies

Name programs

Write the most effective subject lines and have hundreds of my best ones

Create and buy the best URL's and website addresses

Make the most rewarding social media posts

Author books that will be well read

Attract prospects with your ads

Engage profitable people with emotional triggers

Create content with confidence

Influence the affluent

Develop your core stories and attract the people you love to serve

Open your heart and manifest something meaningful for the world to experience

Be prepared for daily writing assignments, opportunities to share what you have crafted and created, hot seat sessions where killer content with be lifted from you and my personal wordsmithing suggestions on your writing.  You even have homework before this hands-on workshop even begins.

*Homework and Event Participation is up to each and every audience member and is NOT mandatory.


Instead of $1,995 for this $5,000 event you pay $995 with the coupon code: genius

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  1. First 20 to sign up will be published in one of the magazines we produce.

  2. First 30 to sign up can bring someone that works for them for only $495

How you package, promote and sell matters. Your ability to create, communicate and connect are paramount! It’s never been easier the new Word Genius Workshop Weekend.

Some Samples of Work, Icon Builder Media Has Done

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Steve Jennings

July 6, 2018

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Ross Remien

May 9, 2018

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James Dentley

James Dentley

May 8, 2018

Allison Larsen

Allison Larsen

May 8, 2018

Randy & Kurt Hynes

Randy & Kurt Hynes

May 8, 2018

Julie May

Julie May

May 7, 2018

Dr Kenneth Lewis

Dr Kenneth Lewis

May 7, 2018

A Few More of Our Clients


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